Hi, I'm Emma!

I've had many blogs over the years, from livejournals to a photography blog and a food blog. But I decided to start a new blog where I could write about whatever I like. I want somewhere that I can post photos, recipes, and just generally talk about life.

I love dresses with tights, photography, crafting, travelling, reading, sparkly things, vintage things, pinterest and the simple life.

I'm currently a university student who works part time at a community garden with children. I also do a little bit of photography.

I'm currently trying to lose weight by following the Slimming World eating plan, and I plan to post the healthy recipes I make on here to help anyone else who is doing the same! (I also plan on posting some not-so-healthy recipes too, as we all need a treat every now and again!)

But most of all, I started this blog because I just wanted an excuse to write every single day!

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